Dog Policy

Dog Policy for The Fields at Rootsprings

We recognize that dogs offer companionship, comfort and joy and are a part of our Sacred Earth Community of all species. We have a dog friendly policy so humans and their dogs can enjoy a wonderful quiet time together at Rootsprings. As a place of quiet retreat we also need to be mindful of the needs of other guests. Therefore, there is one designated hermitage open to CSR members and their dogs. We reserve the right to change or revoke the policy.

There is a $10 fee for your dog. The dog fee plus a $50 deposit is due upon arrival. The deposit can be cash or a check made out to The Fields and will be held and happily returned if:

1) the hermitage was cleaned well, including vacuuming up all dog hair.

2) there were no stains or any damage caused by the dog

3) the dog was not a nuisance* to any other animal, guest or staff (Any concerns about nuisance dogs will be brought directly to the owner by a host/volunteer staff on duty as soon as possible.)

Maximum occupancy is two dogs (whose temperament is compatible with a quiet retreat space) in designated hermitage, Octavia E. Butler dome.

Dogs must pose no danger to members, guests or staff and have updated vaccination shots.

Dogs must be generally quiet and well behaved. A nuisance* dog is one that: barks frequently and/or excessively (more than a couple of minutes), jumps on people or things, shows any aggressive or chasing behaviors. In fairness to other guests, if your dog is exhibiting any of these behaviors and cannot be easily stopped you and your dog may be asked to leave.

Dogs must be on a leash at all times while on the grounds of Rootsprings.

Dogs are not allowed in the Wellness Center, barn or any other hermitage except the designated hermitage, Octavia E. Butler Dome.

Dog owners must pick up after their dogs outside and clean the hermitage well upon leaving, vacuuming all dog hair that may have been deposited by your dog.

Dog owners are financially responsible for any and all damages or injuries caused by their dogs and must be reported as soon as possible.

Dog owners take full responsibility for the health/safety of their dogs while at the farm.

Dogs must not be bothersome to the Rootsprings animals or other guests. There are two cats, chickens, guinea fowl and four other dogs on the premises and they don’t enjoy being chased or scared by visiting animals. So please, even while on leash, keep your dog(s) close to you and away from other animals and guests. Assume guests do NOT want to meet your dog unless they explicitly ask to do so.

 Thank you!

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