CSR Program

Community Supported
Retreat Program

The Fields at Rootsprings’ Community Supported Retreat (CSR) program offers discounted rates for guests interested in purchasing a bulk of overnight stays. In exchange for discounted rates, CSR members invest in the long term health of Rootsprings by prepaying for stays at the beginning of the fiscal year. These prepaid stays ensure Rootsprings can meet basic operating responsibilities, while continuing to provide a place of respite and wellness for BIPOC, LGBTQ+, artist and activist communities.These one-year memberships are offered to anyone wishing to be with us in community as we honor our mission.

Memberships can be purchased as Full (20 night), Half (10 night), and Quarter (5 night) shares. Members can be individuals, groups or organizations. The Fields at Rootsprings invites you to become a CSR member and/or to purchase memberships to support free stays for Minnesota BIPOC in need of rest and healing (Solidarity Membership).

  • Members can book early to reserve their preferred dates; priority booking
  • CSR members have access to book their stays any available time during the membership year
  • Program runs July 1st – June 30th
  • CSR members build and cultivate an ongoing relationship with the land


The CSR Program is temporarily paused due to the renovation of our Wellness Center. Enrollment is expected to open in April of 2024 for the 2024-2025 season.

What and why?

Similar to Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), where individuals or organizations purchase a share of produce for a season, annual Community Supported Retreat (CSR) members receive a “share” of overnight stays at Rootsprings. Like the CSA, the Community Supported Retreat (CSR) is a creative, alternative, local economic model rooted in reciprocity and connection. In its best form, the CSR model allows for a more direct and meaningful relationship to the land and to one another.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first Community Supported Retreat (CSR)
in the country. The Fields at Rootsprings CSR hopes to foster a community orientation toward healing, deep listening, and mutual responsibility. In addition to honoring the sacred connection to the land, Rootsprings seeks to be a place for the exchange of ideas, connections, and intentional actions. In its essence, the Community Support Retreat (CSR) model creates a way for the land and people to reconnect to one another—igniting life-giving, affirming energy.

This annual membership offers:

a quiet, healing space within a rural farm setting

an opportunity to be part of an innovative land and community effort

a place where a sense of the sacred is honored and appreciated

a culturally affirming respite space

a setting where Earth, spirit, and people can meet

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