Meditative Walks

Nature Trail
The path through the woods lies to the west by the House of Pauli Murray just beyond the barn. One is greeted by shade and the surprise of a natural spring flowing out of the Earth, gently making its way down a slope to the pond. The path also leads to a newly installed wooden platform perfect for tent camping, meditating, or staging a performance.

Labyrinth Path
The walking labyrinth is a seven circuit labyrinth laid out in the native prairie grasses on the southeast side of the property, its path leading always to the center. Labyrinths can be traced back more than 2000 years. Guests may choose to spend their walk to the middle considering a challenge, opportunity or decision, or take a moment in the center receiving, reflecting, meditating and then spend the walk out thinking about integration and gratitude. Our labyrinth is approximately 1/2 mile from the entrance to its center.

Cozy Campfires

We love fires and fire safety is important to us. There is a fire pit for guests’ use at each of the hermitages. Stacks of firewood are available at no additional cost upon request (lighters and matches are generally not included). Guests are encouraged to let us know if you need support or additional tools for starting or putting out a campfire.

Water Fun

There are canoes, kayaks, life vests, and a paddle boat by the pond and in the boat house for guests’ use. Guests are responsible for returning equipment when they have finished using it and report any broken items to our team. Guests must have a life vest on or with them when using any boats. There is no lifeguard on site, be aware that you swim, boat, and engage with the water at your own risk.

NOTE: During the deep winter, ice is very susceptible to breakage at 2 inches and not safe to walk on. It takes at least 4 inches of ice to stand, walk or skate on the ice.

Fruit Harvesting (seasonal)

The land features a small grove of fruiting trees. Near the farmhouse, you will find pear, apple, and crab apple trees, their branches heavy with fruit in the late summer and fall. You may find wild plums growing on trees by the garden as well. And there is also a young orchard along east side of the land which will provide more fruit in the coming years. Fruit pickers, long poles with baskets on the end used to reach the fruit high up on the trees, are available for your use.

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