Guests are invited to reserve overnight stays in any of our three cozy, eco-conscious hermitages

Wind Rise

Wind Rise, positioned at the top of the hill, affords extraordinary views of the sunrise and sunset. It has a porch with in-floor heat, a hammock and lovely view of a pasture and neighboring French Lake. Sleeps 1-3 guests

House of Pauli Murray

House of Pauli Murray sits close to the water’s edge with a direct dock to its beauty. The hermitage is a cozy cabin with a twin bed and a single trundle bed underneath, wood burning and electric fireplace. It has a porch with in-floor heat. Sleeps 1-2 guests

Octavia E. Butler Dome

Octavia E. Butler Dome is a geodesic dome atop the hill with cascading views of the biodiverse land stretching from woods to meadows and beyond. Sleeps 1-5 guests, dog-friendly


For questions regarding reserving a single hermitage, please email Alice at [email protected] or text/call us at 612-888-6445.

For questions regarding hosting groups or retreats at Rootsprings, please email Bridgette at [email protected].

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